Thursday, July 19, 2018

For Sale - Ampex 350 - 2 - ¼" Tube 2 Track

June 19, 2018.  I'm selling my beloved Ampex 350 2 track (½ track - 7½ & 15 IPS).  I have owned it since 1969.  Email me if you are seriously interested.  This is the first and only place I have posted that it is for sale.  If no interest here, I will proceed to sell it on other sites.  I will NOT ship this machine.  It must be picked up.  I haven't settled on a price yet, but have an idea of what I'd like to get for it.  More details and pictures later...

July 19, 2018.  After receiving a couple of email questions, I'm entertaining a price of $3,500.  That includes the machine as pictured plus the two original power supplies that are in an Ampex portable case, reel hold downs, all cables and an empty 10½" reel.  It has a new pinch roller/idler and supply/take up roller bearing... not the original stationary crap ones.  I also have the Ampex manual that came with the machine.  More pictures will be posted soon.