Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For Sale - Sony MX-16 8x4 Audio Mixer

SONY MX-16,8x4 audio mixer. It has 8 line or microphone inputs and 4 channels out using ¼" and RCA jacks. It has 4 effects ins/outs using RCA connectors. Each channel has an output channel select, an input attenuator (0, -10, -20, -30 db), a Line/Mic input selector and a gain/volume slider control. There is a ¼" headphone output jack with a level control. It has 4 large VU meters and yes, all lights work. It comes with the lid and the original Sony product brochure from 1973. Good cosmetic external condition with a few scuffs, but no dings. The mixer top is very clean. Excellent working condition and sounds fabulous! Must be picked up - 30 miles north of Santa Barbara, CA.
- $400.